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Abraham Elliott — also known as Avi — is a dedicated Israeli Christian tour guide who has spent his life finding ways to bring the land of Jesus accessible to all in affordable way.

As a trained Mid East history teacher he set out to study abroad and expand his education in Christian cultures of nations mainly in Africa. After graduating from the Johannesburg College of Education, he worked as a remedial teacher teaching teenagers and adults in South Africa and Zimbabwe about Jesus and the history of the Holy Land. It was there that he gained his reputation for being patient, friendly and willing to go the extra mile to teach the love of Jesus to anyone and everyone.

From there, Avi was called to enter the tourism industry and began conducting tours and expeditions to Israel. Inspired by the demand in growing tours in the footsteps of Jesus, he moved west to the United States and Canada to encourage and make it affordable for the followers of the Lord to visit the Holy Land.

Avi spent years following in the footsteps of Jesus by planning custom-tailored all-inclusive Holy Land tour packages regarding its political climate, history and geopolitical perspective from the Christian-Jewish viewpoint. He specializes in creating tours that are filled with lasting memories and lifelong friendships.

On his tours — which can be for single individuals to dozens of participants — Avi walks them in the footsteps of Jesus from his birthplace in Bethlehem, to his home in Nazareth and all the journeys he took while preaching and performing the miracles until his trial, to his crucifixion and ascension to heaven.

Avi organizes all of the following:

  • On ground Arrangements
  • Round-Trip Airfare
  • Hotel Accommodations
  • Ground Transportation
  • Sightseeing
  • Meal Arrangements
  • Specialty Events and Activities.

Avi’s tours are biblically-oriented and well-versed in Israel's history, culture and geography. All tours include quality, air-conditioned and Ministry of Tourism approved vehicles to give you top comfort while sightseeing.

You can count on his personal Israel expertise to lead you on a memorable and spiritual journey through the Holy Land.

Abraham Israel Tours was founded in 2002 by Abraham Elliott as a Christian oriented, full-service tour company for followers of Jesus of all denominations to Israel. Since then, the company has been growing steadily in bringing travelers in the lord's footsteps and has become uniquely specialized in its personal and friendly service as one of the most respected providers of affordable tour services to Christians of all denominations to Israel. Today, the company expanding its services to north America with the same spirit and dedication to professionalism that has been created from its very beginning.

Meeting your expectations and understanding your needs is my first priority; my versatile and experienced team of highly professional, caring, motivated and known for its creativity and innovative spirit is at your service before, during and after your visit the holy land.
My expert tours specialize in tailor-made programs for groups and individuals, taking into consideration the specific needs for individuals and groups.

Importantly, I am one of the few operators in Israel with its own service representatives throughout the country in places such as Ben Gurion Airport, Jerusalem, the Dead Sea and Eilat. Consequently, from the moment you arrive in Israel my staff is at your service 24/7. My guides are all licensed by the Ministry of Tourism and are personally chosen by me based on their experience and their interpersonal skills.

Each request by you can be handled by me or my staff which allows you to book hotels, transfers, tours and VIP services at very competitive prices. Let me customize your holy land experience in the footsteps of Jesus.